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Balinese Dance a thing of beauty.

Religion and Culture

       Unlike many other countries the local culture in Bali is still alive and active. Some people say it is part of daily life, not quite true. It is in fact the whole of daily life for the true Balinese. Small offerings are placed around the house every day to ward off evil. You often see them being placed at the entrance to the house, but perhaps do not know that this can be just one of 40-50 offerings placed at that time. Everything that is part of daily life receives its offering, to ensure peace and harmony through the day. Larger ceremonies are needed for such occasions as birth and death, or even the building of a new house.
       For some just enjoying the local culture is enough, for others there is a desire to immerse themselves in their surroundings. Everywhere in Bali you will come under a local banjar. This local community is responsible for maintaining a temple and arranging all main ceremonies. For those who are serious, we can arrange for you to become Balinese and become part of your banjar.
Wherever you stay you will be able to watch and enjoy the Balinese dance, go along to the local bale and watch the young children being taught. It costs nothing and they will even let you join in!