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They are enjoying the sun come and join them!

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Beach or Mountain, City or Village. Detached House with garden or Apartment near the Beach. Whatever your preference we can provide the lifestyle you want. Take a plot of land in the cool of the mountains and build your dream home. Or an apartment right in the centre of Kuta for the more exuberant life. Rent or buy, long term or short, we are flexible in everything we can provide for you.

Like to care for yourself or have be spoilt with maids, driver and a gardener. Like to laze around a pool all day, or prefer to grow exotic orchids ( just as easy here! ). Stay at home and let someone else take your shopping or be escorted to the shops and be shown how to bargain.

I love this place! I have lived here for 18 years without a single regret! Don't worry about the grandchildren, bring them here, they'll love it!!

How much does it cost to live in Bali?
  Well that depends on your lifestyle. Living a normal life it is easy for two people to live well on less than $500 a month. This includes food and drink, electricity, telephone, internet, petrol and entertainment. If you prefer a more outgoing way of life it is still possible to eat out every day for less than $500 each!
  You will also need to budget $700 a year for the retirement visa and you should also consider medical insurance.
  A typical small japanese car will cost around $16,000 new or you can take a good used car for $6,000 upwards. Petrol is around 50c a litre and the yearly motor tax varies from $60 to $100. Motor bikes, for the more adventurous, can be purchased from $1500 for a moped up to $15,000 or more for a Harley-Davidson!
  Taxis are readily available in tourist locations and the capital Denpasar, short journeys costing a few dollars while a journey from Kuta to Sanur will set you back around $10. You also have the local 'public transport' a lot less comfortable, but very cheap.
  If you employ a maid to care for you in your house you can expect to pay around $80 a month. You will also have to add the cost of their food if they stay with you. For this they will be available 24/7 or you can agree your own work schedule for a lower wage.
  This does not include the cost of accomodation which you can view here.