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Choose how you would like to live. With a wide range of homes available in Bali, luxury villas with their own pool to a quiet place in the country or an apartment near the beach.

  We ensure that the property and all contracts are in good order and all legal requirements and taxation is completed.
    Many people think it is simple to find and secure a place here, it is not if you try it yourself. Many have been caught out by irregular contracts, poor access etc.. We know all that needs to be done to ensure you and your home are secure.
    For those who want to build their home from scratch we have reliable contractors and guarantee the end result.Contact us for a complete rundown on the different ways you can stay in Bali.

Despite what some agents will have you believe you can not buy a freehold property in Indonesia. There are however a number of safe and secure ways of owning a home in Bali.
  You can purchase through an Indonesian partner with a contract to guarantee your continued effective ownership. This can be the most beneficial if you wish to sell as you can sell at the market rate.
  You can lease the property with a 30 year renewable contract. You can sell this lease if you wish.

   If you want to not just retire but also create an investment you can create a foreign investment company to build a number of properties. These you can lease to create a generous income as well as using yourself.

 Property prices vary largely with location, what will buy you a 2 bedroomed apartment in Kuta, will be enough for a 4 bedroomed house with a good plot of land in a village.
  If you want a villa style property with pool, A/C etc in a popular location then you will need anything from $400,000 upwards. You can spend well over a $1,000,000 if you want total luxury.
  A simple house in a the city or village can be purchased for $100,000, you may want to spend a further $10,000 to fit that out to your own standard.
  Rental property will generally start around $7,000 a year going up to $25,000 for luxury homes in tourist locations. Be aware that if you take a short lease it is likely that the price will rise considerably by the end of the lease.
  We recommend a that you buy your property to protect yourself from the long term effects of inflation.