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Taking Care
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Taking Care
sanglah hospital international wing

Sanglah Hospital International Wing

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 Health care is important for everyone. Fortunately Bali has taken great strides in recent years in improving its local facilities. The establishment of the International Wing at the main hospital and the continued improvement in other hospitals in Denpasar has greatly improved the level of health care in Bali. Dental facilities are excellent and very affordable, often less than half the cost of your local dentist. Many people come to Bali just for the dental treatment, the savings are so great. Most prescription drugs you need are available including generic medicines, again often less than the cost in your own country. You are welcome to contact me to check availabilty. Health insurance is recommended for all retirees and this can include emergency cover to airlift you to Singapore, the best health care centre in the whole of SE Asia. As always we can arrange this for you.

As in most Asian countries the traffic situation can seem chaotic at first, but a little understanding of the local situation can make things clearer. If you want to drive yourself, make sure you have a full international licence when you arrive. Local licences can be obtained, if required, once you have your visa. Motor vehicles range from compact models for running around town to off road 4X4 with huge wheels. If you prefer, you can employ your own driver or make use of local taxis. For the more adventurous, motorcycles make a convenient and easier way of getting around. Mostly small mopeds less than 100cc, but Harleys are available! We can help you with your purchase, licensing and registration.

Bali is one of the safest tourist destinations in the world, and it is equally safe for residents. Of course you need to take care as you would in any part of the world. Because the local population relies heavily on the tourist industry it takes extra care in looking after both tourists and residents. When you live together with the local community you will always receive good care. We give advice on the do's and don'ts of life here and can provide additional security for those who feel the need.